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A Migrant's Son (Vic/SA, Australia)


3 Sep 2018 - 31 Dec 2020

Short Synopsis

A far-reaching generational story that crosses divides, ignites memories and pulls at your heart-string...the true spirit of the migrant experience.

A Migrant's Son is a true story exploring migration from Greece to Australia during the 1930’s. This extraordinary new work conveys incredible historical events that are brought to life through original compositions, creating a unique and touching account that is both hard-hitting and hilarious.

Written and performed by award winning cabaret star Michaela Burger (Exposing Edith), this is a tale about a man, the son of a poor migrant, who defied all odds and rose above adversity. From early morning deliveries for the family bakery at age seven, down opal mines in Coober Pedy and opening a chain of discount supermarkets, his unrelenting determination to build a successful life is comical and dramatic; as he pushes through like an unstoppable force and is willing to sacrifice everything for his family.

Featuring traditional instruments, including bouzouki, the show touches deeply on topics of racism, intolerance, judgement and the struggles presented by migration. Through the engagement of community choirs as part of the show, there is an elevated feeling of community-spirit and diversity.

Reviews Feature

"It is the story that millions of Australians could relate [to]" Australian Stage

"Burger's voice can stir your most deepest and darkest emotions whilst enchanting your aural sensibilities." Stage Whispers

"[In] her strikingly original show [Burger] stakes a credible claim to be one of Australia’s leading voices not only in cabaret, but much further afield." The Advertiser

"Burger’s emotionally powered narrative was one the most passionate and heartfelt I’ve seen in any cabaret show" Arts Review

"exquisitely created…the vocal gymnastics performed on the night were simply mind-blowing" Broadway World

"Her song-writing and compositions are a testament to artistry" In Daily

Written By
Michaela Burger
Composed By
Michaela Burger
Directed By
Jane Packham
Michaela Burger
Availability Status
Available at short notice


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