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BABA YAGA (South Australia, Australia)


1 Apr 2019 - 31 Jan 2022

Short Synopsis

Vaselina lives the quiet life, working as a receptionist in a very tall apartment block. But all that changes when she is forced to confront a terrifying resident who plays her music far too loudly and eats jelly babies with her mouth open.

Who is this mysterious neighbour? Will she ever turn the music down? And what exactly is she planning for dinner?

Reviews Feature

"★★★★★ A brilliant new version of the alluring old Russian fairytale" - THE SCOTSMAN

"★★★★ Deliciously [and] spookily imaginative..." - THE GUARDIAN

"★★★★ So outrageous, bold and silly that it proves irresistible!" - THE TIMES UK

"★★★★ A hugely imaginative piece of theatre... an inventive mash-up of cabaret, animation and children's theatre" - THE STAGE UK

Directed By
Rosemary Myers
Christine Johnson & Shona Reppe
Availability Status
Generally available

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