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Especially on Birthdays (SA, Australia)

Tour Coordinators

2 Feb 2020 - 17 Dec 2021

Short Synopsis

A wildly imaginative, image-theatre performance for 3-8 year olds and families.

Part performance, part game, part celebration, Especially on Birthdays recreates all the joys, excitement and trepidation of a pair of twins and a sixth birthday one of them doesn't want to have. 

"This show takes us to the heart of childhood" Janine Brian - children's book author


Reviews Feature
"Children are arguably a much tougher audience than adults, but the joy in The Space at The Festival Centre was palpable for every minute of the 45 minute performance of Especially on Birthdays. As the story of twins approaching their life-changing 6th birthday literally unfolds, it touches and provokes, entertains and creates wonder. Other than chortling and belly laughs from the multi-aged audience, you could hear a pin drop. No wriggling, no chattering, no interruptions. Only the sound of the excited intake of breath as the audience waited for the next piece of enchantment.”   Jude Hines - Review 27 April, 2019 Stage Whispers

“Apart from being a beautiful, atmospheric, clever piece of theatre making, I could see the joy, questions, anticipation and awe on the faces of the children who were watching it with me.  What more could you want?” Sussanah Sweeney - Creative Producer, DreamBIG Children's Festival

Every child was fascinated, involved and delighted for the entire journey of this clever and compelling work.  Sally Chance - Director & Theatre-Maker

Especially on Birthdays is a stunning production that truly acknowledges a child’s capacity to connect with complex ideas, whist remaining totally accessible, thoroughly enjoyable and deeply memorable.  Maria Taylor – Upper Sturt PS

A magical journey! With a beautiful score and exquisite lighting, the two performers move us through the most wondrous parts of having a birthday and all the feelings and moments that might be had - from the tricky to the wonderful.  Rebecca Meston - Parent

 "Especially on Birthdays was better than any movie I have ever seen!"  Pippin,  6 years old, Alberton Primary School

Written By
Especially on Birthdays has been collaboratively devised by The PaperBoats theatre-makers ensemble
Composed By
Matthew Wilder
Directed By
Dave Brown and Roz Hervey
Designed By
Geoff Cobham (Lighting Design) Bob Weatherly (Lighting Realisation) and The PaperBoats
Katrina Lazaroff and Stephen Noonan OR Temeka Lawlor and Angus Leighton
Availability Status
Available at short notice


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