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Burrbgaja Yalirra / Dancing Forwards (Western Australia, Australia)


1 Jun - 31 Dec 2021

Short Synopsis

Burrbgaja Yalirra / Dancing Forwards is a triple bill of solo works featuring Edwin Lee Mulligan, Miranda Wheen and Eric Avery and is curated by Marrugeku’s artistic directors Dalisa Pigram and Rachael Swain as part of a program to support leading change makers in intercultural contemporary dance. Each production explores different facets of the complexities of reciprocity which challenge our understanding of our history and our relationship to the land in Australia.


Reviews Feature

'The three pieces were an intriguing amalgamation of exotic music, cultural storytelling and superb dance.' The Australian

'... bold and thought-provoking, sensitive and good to watch' Sydney Morning Herald

BURRBGAJA YALIRRA / DANCING FORWARDS : Concept, Artistic Direction, Choreographic and Dramaturgical support: Dalisa Pigram and Rachael Swain Composer and Sound Designer: Sam Serruys Set and Costume Designer: Stephen Curtis Lighting Designer: Matthew Cox NGARLIMBAH: Concept, text, performance and paintings in animation: Edwin Lee Mulligan Vision Direction and Animation: Sohan Ariel Hayes Co-direction and choreography: Dalisa Pigram Co-direction and dramaturgy: Rachael Swain Co-composers: Dazastah and Sam Serruys MIRANDA Concept, co-choreography and performance: Miranda Wheen Director and Co-choreographer: Serge Aimé Coulibaly Composer: Sam Serruys DANCING WITH STRANGERS Concept, co-choreography, performance, text and live music: Eric Avery Co-choreographer and Director: Koen Augustijnen Composer: Sam Serruys Co-composer: Eric Avery
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