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Remembering Fred and Ginger (VIC, Australia)


2 Feb - 30 Dec 2020

Short Synopsis

Remembering Fred and Ginger


They did 10 movies together and were America’s dancing sweethearts.  Let us take you on a Fred and Ginger movie musical journey, featuring a selection of all their famous songs and dances from movies such as Follow the Fleet, Swing Time, Shall We Dance, Flying Down to Rio and more. This classy, elegant production will leave you breathless, it will leave you in awe and it will leave you singing the tunes of yesteryear.  Remembering Fred and Ginger is the 3rd in our Hollywood Legend series.  Available in 2020

Written By
Margaret Fisk AM
Directed By
Margaret Fisk
Jeremy Hinman
Designed By
Christina Logan-Bell

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