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Damian Callinan in 'The Merger' (VIC, Australia)


26 Apr - 31 Jul 2020

Short Synopsis

Nominated for the 2010 Barry Award for best show in the Melbourne Comedy Festival

After it's successful transformation into a feature film to be released in cinemas in August 2018, Damian Callinan's multi award nominated, one man tour de force returns to the stage.

The Barry Award Nominated sequel to his multi-award winning Sportsman's Night, Damian revisits the dysfunctional Bodgy Creek Roosters Football Club. The township has seen better days - the mill's closed; the Tidy Town sign has fallen into the long grass and the weir is as dry as a spinster's gusset. The dying town is about to claim its next victim.

Unable to field even one full side, the footy club will either have to fold or merge with their arch rivals - the Hudson's Flat Cougars. But prodigal son coach Troy Carrington has other ideas; to save the club he embarks on a programme to recruit players from the Asylum Seekers Refuge Centre. Will the new players cope with pre-season training while fasting for Ramadan?

'The Merger' is Callinan at the top of his game mixing comedy, pathos & improv as he tells the Roosters' story through character based narrative from Sayyid, the AFL obsessed Afghani to boisterous brute Club President Bull Barlow, to his cinematically inclined grandson Neil.


Reviews Feature

'Much is packed into the hour, so much so that it wouldn't surprise to one day see 'The Merger' given a bit of space to breathe and develop its characters and themes in the form of a feature film script.' [Herald Sun]

'Callinan is a masterly performer. He offers nuanced, credible characters and a funny, sometimes touching script. He has created a ready-to-go one-man sitcom.' [UK Chortle]

Written By
Damian Callinan
Directed By
Matt Parkinson
Damian Callinan
Availability Status
Available at short notice


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