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Le Petit Circus (Victoria, Australia)


12 Apr 2018 - 12 Apr 2020

Short Synopsis

Le Petit Circus is a family circus extravaganza! A 40 minute BRAND NEW SHOW - amazing acrobatics, and stacks of silliness, perfect for children aged 3+, and the young at heart.


Le Petit Circus was first created in 2008 and has been performing consistently since then. Designed as a modular and adaptable circus show aimed at families, Le Petit Circus has taken many different forms, however in the past three years the show has solidified into an award winning show that has received rave reviews in festivals around the country.


It is joyful, exciting and has broad appeal, and extremely adaptable in a variety of spaces, making it perfect for small halls and non-traditional theatre spaces as well as large theatres and festivals. The themes of the show are about joy, playfulness, exploration, power, as well as not taking oneself too seriously. The show is designed for children and families, however the feedback in reviews is consistently that this show is a joy for everyone, adults and children alike, and therefore needs not only to be marketed towards families.

Reviews Feature

4.5 stars “delivered with finesse, flair and, most importantly, a sense of joy… A GREAT circus show adults will love that just happens to be appropriate for children.” - Adelaide Advertiser 2016 


4.5 stars “fun and captivating and delivered with a youthful enthusiasm that is impossible not to get swept up in… if you saw Le Petit Circus last year, come back and see it again." - Adelaide Advertiser 2017


“If you really want to know if it hit the mark, just ask a child, right? My two-year-old demanded “more” at the end of each act, my nine-year-old couldn’t hold back her exclamations of enjoyment and rated it ten out of ten.” - GlamAdelaide 2015


“Le Petit Circus is a wonderful way to introduce littlies to the world of physical theatre... continually involving the audience in the joy of performance” - RIP IT UP 2014


“the entertainment factor is set to wow the whole way through... The kids in the audience (young and old) loved the eye-popping, heart-stopping acrobatics…" - RIP IT UP 2012


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