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SONU, Songs from the Homeland (Victoria, Australia)


11 Jan 2019 - 31 Dec 2020

Short Synopsis

‘Sonu’ is a musical journey that celebrates Italian folk music in Australia. Beautiful songs, stories and voices from the National Library of Australia's collections come alive in this powerful, emotional and life affirming show.

Sounds (Suoni) that travel through space and time. Songs that talk about migration, love and loss, hope and life in a new country.

The project ‘Sonu’, is based on selected field recordings archived at the National Library during the past 40 years. Composer and ethnomusicologist Salvatore Rossano has researched these stories and songs, arranging them along with his own new compositions, to create a vibrant experience of Italian Folk music with a fresh twist, revealing the richness of the past and the present of Italian music in Australia.

The line up includes some of the best interpreters of Contemporary Italian Folk Music in Australia, the band Santa Taranta, led by musician, singer and band leader Salvatore Rossano, who migrated from Italy to Australia in 2014.

Reviews Feature

Sonu takes you on a musical journey through the migrant experience in Australia, interweaving an outstanding live performance by a talented bunch of new and older Australians with archival recordings from Canberra’s National Archive.

(Magica Fossati, SBS)

It is a rare experience to be invited so generously into the lives of the living while dancing with the ghosts of the past. Sonu is a celebration that is immediate and joyful, immersing us in music and stories from a culture that has become such a big part of contemporary Australian identity - you will be singing along before you know it, because this music is part of all of us. 

(Mikelangelo - writer, performer, musician)



Written By
Salvatore Rossano
Composed By
Salvatore Rossano
Directed By
Salvatore Rossano
Designed By
Salvatore Rossano and Santa Taranta
Santa Taranta
Availability Status
Available at short notice


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