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American Song (Victoria, Australia)


1 Jan 2019 - 1 Dec 2020

Short Synopsis

“What happened to Whitman’s America? There is no unified song. There is no harmony of voices.”

Andy’s experience is common to many of us; the slow accumulation of a good life: love, work, friendship, family. But unforeseen events lead him to places he never imagined… Can we ever know the exact moment when a good life turns irredeemably wrong?

As Andy heads off to work to give the biggest presentation of his career, he wishes his teenage son Robbie goodbye. Eight hours later, everything has changed. A profound tour-de-force for one actor, played by Red Stitch ensemble member Joe Petruzzi, American Song is an intimate exploration of parenting, love, and the question: What could I have done differently?

Reviews Feature

“American Song is one of Joanna Murray-Smith’s most mature, refined and important works. Petruzzi is…so powerful and so well directed by Tom Healey.” – The Australian

“Tom Healey’s assured and well-paced direction lends the play emotional and dynamic energy…Joe Peruzzi gives a nuanced but muscular performance.” 
– ★★★★, Herald Sun

“Petruzzi is impressive – especially vocally, with a perfectly observed American accent and a command of the feel and flow of Murray-Smith’s lyricism. Tragic and timely”  – The Age

‘Murray-Smith is at her best here…Petruzzi’s Andy is multi-layered…Healey paces his performance to perfection.” – Stage Noise

“Joe Petruzzi commands and holds our complete attention…a commanding and extraordinary solo performance.” – ★★★★, TheatrePeople

“Murray-Smith finds a unique quality in the slowly eroded lyricism of this play…one of [her] strongest works…[Petruzzi] displays both…affable charisma…and emotional heft.”  – ★★★★, Time Out

Written By
Joanna Murray-Smith
Directed By
Tom Healey
Designed By
Darryl Cordell
Joe Petruzzi
Availability Status
Available at short notice

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