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The Beggars Sing Australia (South Australia, Australia)


1 Sep 2019 - 31 Dec 2023

Short Synopsis

The Beggars present Sing Australia with tremendous style and skill, drawing songs from our history, school days, the telly, the bush,

the radio, the road and our hearts. These songs range from folk classics and huge 1960s pop hits

 to The Beggars own compositions. They are treasures and all part of our Australian Songbook.

There is even have a suggestion or two for our new national anthem. The Beggars are multi instrumentalist Stuart Day,

double bassist Quinton Dunne and Australian songbird Renee Donaghey, they are consummate musicians and achieve a stunning vocal harmony and instrumental blend with no backing tracks.

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Reviews Feature

“Super Australian band: Renee Donaghey is a genius.” Bote Lucerne [Switzerland]

“World-class musicians” rock times [Germany]

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Available at short notice


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