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Highly Sprung (NSW, Australia)


31 Jan 2018 - 31 Jan 2020

Short Synopsis

HIGHLY SPRUNG steals your backyard trampoline memories and propels them into an explosive physical outdoor work. Partnering audience childhood reminiscence with the new trends of trampolining and wall running HIGHLY SPRUNG successfully reaches across generations, bringing community members together, across age, language, and culture, to engage with this work.

This show has two key elements:
- the performance
- the public engagement and jumping sessions

With some of Australia’s best physical performers, HIGHLY SPRUNG is a masterful combination of skill and non-verbal storytelling, mixing choreography with breakdance, wall running, free running, contemporary dance, and trampoline gymnastics.

Our risky high impact physicality causes audiences to gasp and squirm, but also delight, always wanting more. 

The design from costumes to set, brings the exhilaration of breaking away from the norm – as audiences are confronted with the arrival in their everyday environment, of this vibrant ‘tardis’ and its performers.

Award winning street artist George Rose lures with a set that is part memory, part retro, part dream. Powerful sound engulfs, 1980s and futuristic inspired, created by Australian rock legend Ben Ely from Regurgitator.

Co-Creators Lee-Anne Litton and Joshua Thomson have delivered an outdoor visual feast, vibrant and exuberant, at the end performers flood out to invite the audience in to join the fun. The set is handed over to the audience, allowing kids and adults to jump, laugh, and enjoy - engaging with each other and with their own bodies.


Legs has already experienced success with HIGHLY SPRUNG as a gentle social harmony project. Having drawn large audiences for its world premiere season, we saw many of these audience members from across a broad selection of age, cultural & socio-economic demographics engage in the public jumping element. They came together to enjoy the physicality, not realising how much they would also enjoy the interaction with and engagement of other community members.   

This work has been carefully crafted to bring communities together. A perfect vehicle to re-connect fractured communities, build connection for disconnected communities, or as a way to invigorate disused, forgotten, unpopular or new public sites.

To heighten and extend the experience and impact for audiences, Legs has developed a rich program of complimentary activity that makes HIGHLY SPRUNG more than a trampoline performance.

Audience interaction

Prior, during, and following the show, performers and invigilators welcome in the audience, creating an atmosphere of inclusiveness and fun.

Public invigilation

At the end of every show – everyone and anyone is invited to have a jump. Our trained performers and volunteers become trampoline Invigilators. Gently guarding and guiding, as members of the public kick off their shoes and have a go. This element has been hugely popular, often running for over an hour, with people returning to have a jump. 

Social media

#igotsprung – Legs works with presenting partners to manage a positive social media campaign that celebrates a diverse range of audience members. This campaign works in conjunction with the public invigilation element, and allows community members to feel celebrated while also spreading the word about the show.  This has been successful at increasing audience numbers and attracting audience members to get involved.


Legs' performers and our Artistic Directors are able to conduct workshops to work in symbiosis with the performances. Workshops can be crafted to cater to specific community/ audience groups such as youth at risk, seniors, dance/circus groups, etc.

Composed By
Ben Ely
Directed By
Lee-Anne Litton & Joshua Thomson
Lee-Anne Litton & Joshua Thomson
Designed By
George Rose
Availability Status
Available at short notice


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