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The Man With The Iron Neck (NSW, Australia)


23 Sep 2018 - 31 Dec 2019

Short Synopsis

“When all feels hopeless this show explores how we find that one reason to hang on, with both hands, literally for dear life” Josh Bond, Co-Director

The Man With the Iron Neck is about survival. This work tells the story of an Australian family, of three young talented Aboriginal kids from a small town community, and how two choose to survive when one is lost. Not so much a story about suicide, as it is a story about embracing life – a moving, highly physical rendering told with humour and poignancy, by leading physical theatre makers Legs On The Wall.

When teenager Ash loses his best friend Bear he struggles with the growing emptiness and haunting dreams. Bear’s twin sister Evelyn hides her despair as she carries the burden of planning her own brother’s funeral, while her mother Rose, in shock and sedated, is visited by her lost son and haunted by his revelations. We wrench with Evelyn, Ash and Rose as they struggle to hold it together, travelling with them through their respective grieving, as each search for healing, and ultimately re-find each other.    

Seeded by Co-Director Josh Bond’s solo work drawn from his own family story, The Man With The Iron Neck brings together an extraordinary team. Joined by Co-Director Gavin Robins, the two have invited Writer/Actor/Singer Ursula Yovich to write this work, bringing to it her own experiences and a burning desire to tell this story.

This team of some of Australia’s most skilled actors and creatives, taking on awe-inspiring physicality is a stunning combination - to bring to life this evocative, daring and delicate story.

“This story is not just black but white as well. We hope through this telling we can acknowledge that there is serious trouble and that we still have a long way to go - but that there is a real way out of this mess." Ursula Yovich & Josh Bond

Written By
Ursula Yovich
Composed By
Iain Grandage with Leah Flanagan
Directed By
Josh Bond & Gavin Robins
Designed By
Joey Ruigrok van der Werven
Ursula Yovich, Tibian Wyles


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