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PANGO by Moss Patterson / Atamira Dance Company (Auckland, New Zealand)


22 Jan 2018 - 22 Dec 2019

Short Synopsis





PANGO (60 MINS)                                                 


Pango translated means Black. In traditional Maori culture the colour black is associated with the three states of evolution, creation and being. They are

1.Te Kore; energy, potential, the void, nothingness.

2.Te Po; form, the dark, the night.

3.Te Ao-marama; emergence, light and reality, dwelling place of humans.


In PANGO our dancers embody the Te Kore state.  Movement has been developed using traditional body tattoo symbols, responding to ancientl chants passed down by our ancestors which describe the various states of potential in Te Kore and live music. 


And so to the whakapapa of creation in brief is:



Ko Te Kore (the void, energy, nothingness, potential)

Te Kore-te-whiwhia (the void in which nothing is possessed)

Te Kore-te-rawea (the void in which nothing is felt)

Te Kore-i-ai (the void with nothing in union)

Te Kore-te-wiwia (the space without boundaries)

Na Te Kore Te Po (from the void the night)

Te Po-nui (the great night)

Te Po-roa (the long night)

Te Po-uriuri (the deep night)

Te Po-kerekere (the intense night)

Te Po-tiwhatiwha (the dark night)

Te Po-te-kitea (the night in which nothing is seen)

Te Po-tangotango (the intensely dark night)

Te Po-whawha (the night of feeling)

Te Po-namunamu-ki-taiao (the night of seeking the passage to the world)

Te Po-tahuri-atu (the night of restless turning)

Te Po-tahuri-mai-ki-taiao (the night of turning towards the revealed world)

Ki te Whai-ao (to the glimmer of dawn)

Ki te Ao-marama (to the bright light of day)

Tihei mauri-ora (there is life)


The dance is a work of undulating qualities and relationships much like our traditional art forms.We place value on our genealogy (whakapapa) and the transformational stories inside ourselves, working as a collective to offer our deepest unconscious presented as a dance work.


PANGO is a journey of unfolding to find oneself.



Moss Patterson


Eddie Elliot

Luke Hanna

Andrew Miller

Roymata Holmes

Te Arahi Easton

Emmanuel Reynaud



Reviews Feature

Pango/Black is a primal adventure , DANZ Magazine, 2016

Pango/Black is a multi-layered, exceptionally powerful dance theatre work of great integrity. It will remain in the memory for a very long time. NZ Herald, 2016


"It is a spiritual and thought provoking experience. There should be more work of this calibre and stature appearing on our New Zealand stage".  

Donna Banicevich Gera, Theatreview, 2016.

Written By
Moss Patterson
Composed By
James Webster; Shayne Carter
Directed By
Moss Patterson
Moss Patterson in collaboration with performers
Designed By
Robin Rawstorne; Rowan Pierce; Ruth Woodbury
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