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Mr Red Light (New Zealand)


25 Sep 2019 - 19 Dec 2020

Short Synopsis

Mr Red Light is a dramatic farce. It moves from being funny and anarchic to being a tense thriller. 

It is the story of a mysterious stranger who bursts through the doors of a Jesters Pie Shop after a bungled bank robbery and takes its occupants hostage. Through the course of this tense seige, Mr Red Light changes the lives of everybody in the shop.

Mr Red Light is a trickster, a magician, but he’s also dangerous and unpredictable. As the clock counts down the tension between him and Trevor the police negotiator increases. They’ve tried to kill him with a sniper's bullet and now they’re listening through the walls.

Ultimately Mr Red Light will help us understand how beautiful and fragile life can be.

Reviews Feature

Theatre’s often at its best when it does something no other artform can do – transforming the world you live in, live before your eyes.

Review from Nightsong's 360 - Mr Red Light premieres August 2019

Written By
Carl Bland
Composed By
John Gibson
Directed By
Ben Crowder & Carl Bland
Designed By
Andrew Foster, John Gibson, Elizabeth Whiting and Nik Janiurek
Trygve Wakenshaw, Jennifer Ludlum, Simon Ferry and Richard Te Are
Availability Status
Remount required

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