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Soft N Hard (New Zealand)


16 Apr 2018 - 31 Dec 2019

Short Synopsis

Real life husband and wife duo Jo Randerson and Thomas LaHood present a non-stop hour of comic theatre, delving deeply into the difficulties of gender constructs.

Two peculiar and strikingly different creatures enter into a yellow-curtained world.  A 'male' and 'female' emerge and discover one another, discovering along the way all the roles and rituals the world expects of them. Both seek a way out but things are not that simple. The boundary between fact and fiction unravels as the physical set around them deconstructs.

Following two SOLD OUT seasons in Wellington, and having travelled to Southland and Auckland in 2018 this is an exciting new creation from a celebrated company.

Reviews Feature

"A deceptively clever and devilishly beguiling work."

Patrick Davies, Theatreview

"I want to spontaneously applaud the truthful genius of its writers and performers... raw, intimate and beautiful"

Hannah Banks, The Pantograph Punch

Written By
Jo Randerson and Thomas LaHood
Directed By
Isobel MacKinnon
Designed By
Poppy Serano, Owen McCarthy and Waylon Edwards
Jo Randerson and Thomas LaHood
Availability Status
Generally available


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