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Conversations with Dead Relatives (Auckland, New Zealand)


1 May 2018 - 31 Dec 2020

Short Synopsis

Conversations with Dead Relatives is a tale of family histories.

Stories that have been told, told and retold over breakfast tables, barbeques, campfires, and drunken dinner parties about ancestors who came from distant lands to make a new life in New Zealand. Epic and incredible stories passed down through the generations that tell of mighty Viking warriors, Maori princesses, navigators, preachers and visionaries. 

In Conversations with Dead Relatives we attempt to unpick these family stories and discover they are not as simple as we have always believed. Morals are questioned and beliefs are challenged as we argue with Great Great Grandparents, sympathise with long forgotten Aunts and are confused by Great Uncles.

Conversations with Dead Relatives is a story about how we see ourselves, where we come from and who we are.


Reviews Feature

This play offers a night to enjoy with your whole family, and preferably with all or some of the grandparents. They may well be inspired, in the car drive home afterwards, to open up about forgotten family details, or inspired stories they remember from their own tupuna. When a piece of theatre can have such powerful opening effect, then it’s one not to be missed.

13TH Floor – Liz Gunn

Written By
Phil Ormsby and Alex Ellis
Composed By
Paul McLaney
Directed By
Jennifer Ward-Lealand
Designed By
John Parker, Elizabeth Whiting and Nik Janiurek
Alex Ellis and Phil Ormsby
Availability Status
Available at short notice

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