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A Doll's House by Emily Perkins (New Zealand)


1 Jan 2018 - 31 Dec 2019

Short Synopsis

“Heartbreaking and terrifying to witness.” Celebrated novelist Emily Perkins reimagines Ibsen’s 19th century classic and drops it into present-day New Zealand. Sophie Hambleton (TV’s Westside) gives a searing performance as Nora. Directed by award-winning television and theatre director Katherine McRae (Shortland Street, Go Girls, An Enemy of the People), this is a story with women at the centre. It's been described as “a perfectly honed piece of theatre” with “a stunningly powerful ending. 

The tour offering includes optional school workshops, after-show forums and meet-the-star opportunities. Two local children are cast and rehearsed in advance of the tour, offering the opportunity to generate heart-warming advance publicity and early ticket sales. 

Reviews Feature

'Hambleton is searing. Her performance is heart-wrenching and every empathetic bone in my body is screeching for Nora' - The Pantograph Punch

'A perfectly honed piece of theatre' - The Dominion

'A must see.'  'A stunningly powerful ending.' - Theatreview

Written By
Emily Perkins
Composed By
Peter Edge
Directed By
Katherine McRae
Designed By
Ian Harman
Sophie Hambleton & Arthur Meek
Availability Status
Generally available


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