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Scarred For Life (SA, Australia)


26 Jun 2018 - 31 Dec 2020

Short Synopsis

Have you ever had your boyfriend watch you pee into a bottle? Josh Belperio has. Back from a sold-out Adelaide Cabaret Fringe season and award-winning Adelaide Fringe season, Josh tells the story of his bike accident, heralded by Andrew Bolt ‘man falls off bike, becomes star’. With original songs, witness Josh surgically dissect his hospital trauma ‘while leaving the audience in stitches’ – Scenestr

Reviews Feature

Winner - 2018 Adelaide Fringe Weekly BankSA Best Cabaret Award 


★★★★★ – Scenestr

“...a musicality that is equal parts Minchin and Mozart”

“Scarred For Life surgically dissected the trauma while leaving the audience in stitches.”

“Despite the confronting theme of Josh’s show, he skilfully weaved between the shadows and the light.”

“The mood would shift not only between songs, but also impressively within songs too.”

“The meaning of each of his nine original compositions, though, was substantially heightened by the ingenuity of the lighting and the staging.”

“Director Matthew Briggs, Josh’s partner and a central character in the story, and Lighting Designer Mark Oakley are to be commended for creating a spectacle befitting the quality of the songs.”


★★★★★ Glam Adelaide

“It was in this homely environment that audiences witnessed magic.”

“In this beautiful show, Belperio put his heart and soul (and abdomen!) on the line, deeming it one of the most personal and poignant shows this reviewer has seen.”

“His bubbly personality was instantly likeable, and his sexual innuendo made the audience roar with laughter.”

“One of the most beautiful songs of the show was ‘Fine’, when Belperio recognised that he would need to overcome his anxieties associated with the accident in order to move forward with his life.”

“Inspiring, heartwarming and exactly what a night at the theatre should be!”


★★★★★ SceneTV

“Once in a while you see a show that moves you and makes you glad and appreciative to be alive. This is one of those shows.”

“Josh serves up a whole lot more than delightful. It has raw honesty, truth and vulnerability wrapped up in song and comedy.”

“And… the reveal of ‘The Scar’ is one of the most sincere and emotional moments I have seen on stage.”

“3 words: Beautiful, Talented, Emotive.”


★★★★★ – The Upside News

“I’m a total sucker for a love story and this one got me right in the feels.”

“...Josh delivers the narrative with raw vulnerability and delightful humour, taking his willing audience on the journey with him, lamenting his low points and celebrating his highs.”

“I cried, I laughed, I cheered, and my heart almost exploded with joy...”

“Josh is a star on the rise and Scarred for Life is the prelude to the incredibly successful career he has in front of him.”


★★★★1/2 – Tulpa Magazine

“...blurring the lines between performance and real life pays off in spades due to the strength of the show itself.”

“Being capable of eliciting anxiety, joy, and a whole gamut of emotions is a remarkable skill and one that Josh Belperio masters to great effect in Scarred for Life.”

“Quite a charismatic performer, Belperio is aided by excellent production to tell a story that weaves between emotional weight and lighter humorous turns.”

“The shifting of tone could easily have been mismanaged but no emotional turn feels abrupt.”

“Watching this performance is a powerful experience and is ultimately an uplifting one that will surely see the audience leave on an emotional high.”

“Charting trauma, anxiety, and recovery, it’s impossible to avoid the seriousness of the situations but Scarred for Life is able to measure the humour to perfection.”

“The story is a worthy one, the themes universal (even if not the actual experiences, hopefully) and the production pitched to perfection bring out the pre-existing strengths of the show.”

“Undeniably, this is an engaging and charming performance mounted to perfectly play on the substantial strengths of Josh Belperio as a performer and Scarred for Life as a performance.”

Written By
Josh Belperio
Composed By
Josh Belperio
Directed By
Matthew Briggs
Josh Belperio
Availability Status
Available at short notice


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