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The Arrow of Song (NSW, Australia)

Tour Coordinators

1 Feb 2018 - 30 Nov 2019

Short Synopsis

Drawn from many years’ educational work by The Song Company, this chronological program captures the long and fascinating history of unaccompanied vocal music in a unique timeline that is both informative and entertaining – from early chant to contemporary forms of a cappella singing. Hearing how harmony and notation have developed into many styles and genres over the last two thousand years inspires and encourages people of all ages to find their voice in the ongoing story of a cappella.

Reviews Feature

"There’s not much that can defeat The Song Company. This tight knit group can sing, act and, most important, think their way around pretty much anything you can throw at them... The performances are, as you’d expect from The Song Company, wild and wonderful." (Harriet Cunningham)

"...I was yet again overawed by the exquisite vocal machine that is Song Company. If the ensemble was a car, it definitely would be a Ferrari!" (Classikon)

"a concert of rare and transcendent beauty" (Sydney Morning Herald)

"This is virtuoso ensemble singing... It's hard to imagine a better performance..." (Sydney Morning Herald)

"The performance of such a program was a tour de force, showing us once again what a brilliant outfit The Song Company is..." (Australian Stage)

Directed By
Antony Pitts
Availability Status
Available at short notice


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