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Welcome To My Cuntry: There's No One Here So Come On In (NT, Australia)


1 May 2017 - 23 Dec 2018

Short Synopsis

The great, terrifying Nothing is coming. The planets are aligning. The Earth is trembling with fearful anticipation. Get ready to re-cali-brate your tools of prophecy and journey with Kate Burbeck as she gazes down her own navel, searching for the cause of it all, for the very root of the cunt (in the etymological sense).


At the Fringe Festival of 2017, there will be a great flood of primordial juices, a Great Coming. 'Welcome To My Cuntry: There's No One Here So Come On In' is an absurdist, feminist journey of self-discovery, exploring time travel, the value of dreams and artificial intelligence, in a backwards causational kind of way.


Arising out of the epiphanous, 'altered state of consciousness' personal experiences of the play's writer in 1999 and also in 2015, the philosophy of this production is about participation, transformation and awakening.


It is a 'mystery play', in the vein of the Eleusinian Mysteries of the ancient Greeks and it defies any genre or conventional, rational description. Offering an Earth-shattering revelation about the possible true nature of the Universe, it is deeply provocative, subversive and irreverent. It invites its audience to enter into the mystery it presents: to journey with the Kookaburra as she wakes up 'the sun' and to become one with 'The Great Nothing'.

Reviews Feature

Alice Springs residents are still talking about the production:

“You made me laugh, you moved me”.

“I had a lot of strange dreams that night”.

“That was the most amazing piece of theatre I've ever seen”.

"Coolest, trippiest show evuh! Will be there".

Written By
Kate Burbeck
Composed By
Kate Burbeck (Searching for the Root of the Cunt written by Kate Burbeck, arranged by Marg Collins)
Directed By
John Bridgefoot
Kate Burbeck and Robyn Manley
Designed By
Kate Burbeck and John Bridgefoot
Martin Oostermeyer, Xanthan Black Cockatoo, Kate Thynne, John Bridgefoot, Robyn Manley, Kate Burbeck
Availability Status
Generally available


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