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Mara TK, Troy Kingi & Mark Vanilau are: L(())VE & HOPE (Wellington, New Zealand)


10 Nov 2016 - 1 Jan 2019

Short Synopsis



Mara TK, Troy Kingi and Mark Vanilau represent an all too rare meeting of Māori and Samoan cultures. Their song 'Aku Moutere' was written in both Te Reo and Samoan about the current housing crisis and it possesses a devastating depth that is quite often missing in our contemporary music industry. The show also features the waiata of Troy Kingi one of our most talented singers, performing brand new uplifting songs with a social conscience...



This show has a touring party of four; three on stage with a tour manager. This can be cut to three if required. The show can be augmented to include local singers to help build local promotion for this show. 


Technical requirements:

This show is relatively low cost in terms of backline:

2 x guitar amps

1 x Bass amp

5 x microphones


We have a very good social media presence and work hard to ensure every show is attended whether it's a guaranteed fee or we are taking the risk ourselves. We want to build lasting relationships with you and will do our share of promotion.




Written By
Mara TK, Troy Kingi & Mark Vanilau
Composed By
Mara TK, Troy Kingi & Mark Vanilau
Directed By
Mara TK
Mara TK, Troy Kingi & Mark Vanilau
Availability Status
Available at short notice

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