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Responding to Racism (SA, Australia)


8 Apr 2019 - 1 Jan 2023

Short Synopsis

Responding to Racism is an award winning interactive Forum Theatre performance developed in partnership with Reconciliation SA to identify, respond, and prevent racism.

Responding to Racism follows the character of Mik, a young Aboriginal student who is putting up with constant racism from his friend and football teammate, Chris. Meanwhile, a new student has arrived at school, Sophia, who is being stereotyped and discriminated against for wearing a headscarf.

Responding to Racism explores how racism affects people on a daily basis. Participants will identify various forms of racism and rehearse prevention strategies. Featuring a young and culturally diverse cast, the performance provides the audience with strong and authentic role models, with Forum Theatre techniques that invite the audience into the playing space, using peer education to find solutions that are relevant to the experiences of the audience.

Responding to Racism can be presented in two formats: a 90 minute production for 20-80 students, up to two performances a day; or from 9am - 2:30pm for 20-100 students as part of Generations of Change – a multi-artform day built for students from multiple schools to come together to listen, learn, and collaborate, and walk away with developed ideas to make a change in their schools.

It is suitable for high school students, workplaces, conferences and workshops.

Reviews Feature

“An excellent and authentic way to have young adolescents engage in dialogue and to accept the complexities and possibilities for compacting racism.”  – Year 10 English Teacher


“...really made me reflect on racism and the way it is normalized in our culture. I would personally like to make a difference and assist in the eradication of racism.”   Year 11 Student

Directed By
Edwin Kemp Attrill
Availability Status
Available at short notice


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