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KaBooM (QLD, Australia)


5 Jan 2017 - 31 Dec 2020

Short Synopsis

KaBooM: Stories From Distant Frontlines is a highly visual performance work based on real stories of refugees who fought on various battle frontlines and arrived to build new lives in Australia.

In the work they are welcomed to this country by Sylvia Purrurle Neale, an indigenous Arrernte woman, who watches each tale unfold. Whilst witnessing their plight, Sylvia also tells her own story of struggle and ‘war’; and in response to their collective hardship she opens her heart and invites them to share the ‘spirits’ of the land:

Reach out feel our spirits.
Come sit with us, learn our ways.
This Country, anytime anywhere we are here.

KaBooM positions the audience, as witness, into the midst of the performance arena. They are placed in a metaphorical field of war, populated with visual imagery and the debris of battle. Spectators are moved through discrete performance areas. There is no fourth wall - the sense of involvement and engagement is direct.

Reviews Feature

"A moving and thoughtful response to the issue of war. Genuine theatricality that also hits us in the solar plexus. Experimental but accessible. Emotionally powerful" Time Out Melbourne

"A unique theatrical experience. Brave and adventurous" Toorak Times

Written By
Deborah Leiser-Moore, Regina Heilmann, Gail Kelly, Adriano Cortese and Susie Dee, Younes Bachir from Barcelona, Lech Mackiewicz from Poland and Bagryana Popov, Bulgaria and Australia.
Composed By
Big Toxic
Directed By
Deborah Leiser-Moore
Designed By
Marcos Vinals Bassols
Deborah Leiser-Moore , Allie Wilde
Availability Status
Available at short notice


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