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One Crowded Hour (TAS, Australia)


1 Jun - 12 Dec 2020

Short Synopsis


'One crowded hour of glorious life is worth an age without a name'

-Thomas Osbert Mordaunt


The above quote was the inspiration and philosophy of Australian Neil Davis, one of the world's greatest cine cameramen and journalists from the early 1960s until his death in the mid 1980s. A burst of shrapnel in a Bangkok street ended his remarkable run of crowded hours.


Davis was remarkable and contradictory man, equally at home with Presidents and street beggars. Handsome, a cool professional, intensely competitive, a compulsive gambler who used his intuitive sixth sense to stay alive - a complex and enigmatic man.


He brought images of war on three continents to the world's television screens. He is best remembered for his coverage of the conflicts in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam and scooped the world with his footage of the taking of Saigon's Presidential Palace in 1975, the symbol of American defeat.


This play is an adaptation of Tim Bowden's biography of this legendary character, One Crowded Hour: Neil Davis, Combat Cameraman.


Written and directed by Terence O’Connell whose national touring productions include Bouncers, The Rocky Horror Show, Decadence, Certified Male, Busting Out, Buddy-The Buddy Holly Story, Barmaids, Circus Oz, Motherhood-The Musical and Flying Fruit Fly Circus. His hugely successful show Minefields And Miniskirts: Australian Women And The Vietnam War toured extensively some years ago to great acclaim and is currently being made into a feature film.


Terence’s current production, Around The World In 80 Days is touring in 2018.


One Crowded Hour is a cracking, colorful story of a charismatic larrikin. It is an intimate show with a cast of four excellent actors and featuring footage shot by Davis in his outstanding career.

Availability Status
Still in pre-production

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