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Rule of Thirds (VIC, Australia)


3 Jun 2019 - 23 Jun 2020

Short Synopsis

 Rule of Thirds is a highly physical performance that celebrates perserverance, audacity and the ongoing desire to reinvent ourselves. The dancers test and alter a strong force field they have set up between each other, gradually deconstructing and dismantling the movement score. All players are needed, but who is eventually in charge?

Rule of Thirds promises, and delivers, guts, virtuosity and focused abandon.

Reviews Feature

"There is a sublimation of forces (in Rule of Thirds), warping the dancer's response to gravity, implying either weightlessness or overwhelming force." Limelight 2016

Composed By
Jethro Woodward
Anouk van Dijk
Designed By
Ben Cobham, Bluebottle
James Vu Ahn Pham, Tara Jade Samaya, Niharika Senapati and Luigi Vesico
Availability Status
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