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I Am Tasha Fierce (Wellington, New Zealand)


1 Jul - 30 Nov 2018

Short Synopsis

Tasha’s from the Hutt, but this Kiwi chick is making it big in the city as an independent woman. Join Tasha as she overcomes personal struggle by harnessing the power of her best friend in the whole wide world… Beyoncé Knowles.

Reviews Feature

"her confident and relaxed style is incredibly engaging....it is personal and real... this a most enduring and entertaining production to watch. - Ewen Coleman, The Dominion Post

"She drops pop culture on us like a bad habit and talks like everything she says should be obvious to everyone." Adam Goodall, Pantograph Punch

"Tasha is a naive and generous character whose love of Beyonce sustains her when the real world is full of haters." Zoe Joblin, Theatreview

Written By
Rose Kirkup
Directed By
Rose Kirkup
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