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The Adventures of Xin (Auckland, New Zealand)


25 Jan 2019 - 18 Dec 2021

Short Synopsis

The Adventures of Xin is NZDC’s fabulous, fun, family show for all ages. This three-part dance comedy gives us a slice of Xin’s impressive life, with an undercurrent that celebrates success, individuality and happiness.

The Adventures of Xin is part of NZDC’s schools performance programme, that NZDC tours around schools. The programme was specifically designed for family and youth audiences, touching on child-friendly themes and woven with a lot of humour. The Adventures of Xin is a combination of family fun, comedy and sophisticated contemporary dance. All ages
will enjoy this performance which features dance pieces by Asheigh Perrett, Tupua Tigafua and linking works by NZDC dancers, including Xin Ji.

Reviews Feature

“We all enjoyed the whole show- thanks for making this accessible for families!”

- Audience member, Tamaki Tour 2016

“Thank you so much for coming and dancing for us. The children have been buzzing about it! Everything was so perfect as an inspiration for next term’s dance focus.”

- teacher at Balmoral School, Tamaki Tour 2016

“Our children were so engaged watching the performance, and the amount and breadth of what they talked about in their reflection today was fascinating!”

- Audience member and teacher, Tamaki Tour 2016 

Directed By
Shona McCullagh
Ashley Perrett; Tupua Tigafua
Availability Status
Available at short notice

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