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Kiwi! (New Zealand)


1 Dec 2018 - 1 Dec 2020

Short Synopsis

What are your hopes and dreams for Aotearoa New Zealand?

Kiwi is Barbarian Productions’ NZ identity roadshow. It is a mini carnival currently composed of three separate theatrical experiences, united by themes of identity, arrivals and belonging. Each experience is run by performers in costume, and is fully participatory and lots of fun for the audience.

Born out of frustration at the NZ Flag Referendum process, Kiwi is an attempt to authentically engage with the local community in a fun and productive way, to genuinely ask them the question: “what are your hopes and dreams for Aotearoa New Zealand?”

Kiwi is best suited to a large, outdoor area, and for free, community-focused events. It is aimed at people of all ages but will be particularly good for children and young adults. There are currently three Kiwi experiences on offer; a huge interactive kiwifruit, a cycle tour with Captain Cook, and maze of stanchions run by two welcoming but less than helpful customs officers. The three experiences can be booked individually or as a package.  Barbarian intends to create additional experiences in the future, including a performance piece with a gameshow format.

Written By
Jo Randerson
Directed By
Jo Randerson
Designed By
Meg Rollandi
Batanai Mashingaidze, Tom Clarke, Waylon Edwards, Daniel Gamboa, Saran Goldie-Anderson
Availability Status
Generally available

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