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SK!N (VIC, Australia)


5 Mar 2017 - 31 Dec 2020

Short Synopsis

"There are many ways to judge art’s success, but a vital one is that it moves the audience. By this measure and many others, SK!N is a highlight not just of OzAsia but of the entire year."

Glam Adelaide Sept 2016
After being registered, processed and stripped off their belongings; the audience are squashed into a 40-foot custom configured shipping container and watch three dancers poetically embody the traumatic cycle of forced migration, detention, deportation and human trafficking. Then the container moves and the audience, startled, are shipped off and dumped at a previously unknown location around the city. 

Reviews Feature

"Brave, highly rewarding, SK!N embraces what it means to reach the boundary of our existence. Surely, the highlight of this year’s OzAsia”.

Peter Maddern : RAW Adelaide

"There is no greater tragedy than the unexamined life; 'SK!N' exposed all my fictions, flashing a spotlight on the darker reaches of my soul." 5 STARS 

James Murphy : scenestr.com.au

"We are ultimately treated to a gripping contemporary dance performance that is the ostensible reason for the experience. The choreography is haunting, and the dancers evoke the slow, steady breakdown of self that refugees and the dispossessed suffer in captivity." 5 STARS

Matt Saunders : The Clothesline

"SK!N is an experience unlike any other and a powerful and confronting event that leaves the audience thinking long after it is over."

John Goodridge : The AUReview
Written By
TerryandTheCuz with Ashley Dyer
Composed By
David Franzke
Directed By
Ashley Dyer
Designed By
Suhaili Micheline, Wong Jyh Shyong and Lee Ren Xin
Availability Status
Generally available


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