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A Prudent Man (VIC, Australia)


1 Jan 2017 - 31 Dec 2020

Short Synopsis

A well-groomed, confident-looking man enters the room and sits on a comfortable and expensive-looking leather chair. A bright light shines on him. There’s water and a glass on a table, but that’s all. Perhaps this is an investigation. What has he done wrong?

What makes the Trumps, the Abbotts and the Hansons of this world tick? What would happen if their world started to shift ever so slightly?

This darkly comedic political thriller asks what it means to be right... in more ways than one.

Written and directed by Katy Warner and performed by Lyall Brooks, A Prudent Man won the 2016 Melbourne Fringe People's Choice Award from over 400 productions.

In 2017 it enjoyed a sold-out season to over 600 audience members at Fringe World Perth where it was nominated for Best Theatre, sold out another season at Darwin Festival where an extra show was added due to demand, and then repeated this success at Hawkes Bay Festival in New Zealand where it sold out the opening weekend at the 250-seat Spiegeltent before being transferred to Napier's Century Theatre and also adding a special school incursion.

In 2018 A Prudent Man toured nationally, taking its performance history since its premiere to 68 shows across 26 venues.


A Prudent Man has resonated with audiences from all demographics who are keen to explore a work that touches on the current state of political discourse in Australia.



A Prudent Man is now generally available for buy-ins at cost of between $3,000 and $4,000 inclusive per day, depending on location.

This includes two activities: one workshop and one performance, or two performances.



WINNER: 2016 Melbourne Fringe People’s Choice Award

WINNER: 2016 Melbourne Fringe WA Tour Ready Award

NOMINATED: 2016 Green Room Award for Best New Writing

NOMINATED: 2016 Melbourne Fringe Award for Best Performance

NOMINATED: 2017 Fringe World Perth - Best Theatre

OFFICIAL SELECTION: 2017 New York United Solo Festival

Reviews Feature

★★★★★ "Profound and gripping viewing for all. You simply must see this shocking commentary on conservative politics." - Theatre People

★★★★★ "This is theatre at the very top of its game: complex, enlightening and thoroughly accomplished." - The Music

★★★★1/2 "Warner's script is whip-smart... a brilliant piece." - The Australia Times

★★★★ "Writer and performer have reached the pinnacle of drama." - Arts Hub

★★★★ "A powerful and thought-provoking finale." - The West Australian

"Lyall Brooks gives a Tour de Force performance." - Isolated Nation


Written By
Katy Warner
Directed By
Katy Warner
Lyall Brooks
Availability Status
Available at short notice


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