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Touched (SA, Australia)


30 Jun 2018 - 31 Dec 2020

Short Synopsis


Eyes locked. Fingers linked.

A young couple enjoy the gentleness of a first touch.

A girl dreams of her first love and imagines the romantic possibility.

A couple tickle each other and giggle.

A figure watches longingly, alone….

Touch is sensed all over your body but what are the emotions you feel in your heart when you are truly touched?

Touched delves into a delicious array of sensations and emotions, the loneliness of rejection and the anticipation of a delicate caress. It is sometimes humorous, at times confusing, but always honest. 

Reviews Feature

Restless director Michelle Ryan’s Touched is a very good piece, with demanding and effective movement that wouldn’t be out of place in any contemporary ensemble, including some impressive solo and duet work. The entire piece is coherently linked with an outstanding score from Sydney composer Llz Martin. Bravo.   

Peter Burdon – The Advertiser 

Composed By
Liz Martin
Directed By
Michelle Ryan
Designed By
Ailsa Paterson
Restless Dance Theatre dancers
Availability Status
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