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In the Balance (SA, Australia)


30 Jun 2018 - 31 Dec 2021

Short Synopsis

We stumble, bounce and back flip on the awkward jorneys we make to become who we are. We are in the balance and realise our dreams when we party on the dance floor with a no fear attitude.

Explore the intricacies of how people behave and interact at a party. Be intrigued as the Restless dancers flirt, fight and entice each other. The party progresses from alluring and delicate to challenging and confronting.

Reviews Feature

It was a heart-warming and entertaining evening, lots of energy and sass, with a powerful finish. I loved the show, and it left me wanting to put more dance in my life!
The Clothesline 

…uninhibited in the way only Restless can manage
moments of great beauty
The Advertiser
The Audreys’ soundtrack jumps from uplifting and dynamic blues and swampy guitars to achingly beautiful ballads with simple and subtle messages which have been perfectly teamed with each vignette.

…it was hard to tear your eyes away.

Evocative, raw and beautiful…

The Clothesline

With flirting, quarrelling and a little love, what a swell party this is…performed with confidence and enjoyment

The Australian
This is a delightful first work from Ryan in which she explores a whole gamut of human interactions and foibles in a way that demonstrates the considerable strengths of these talented performers. 
Dance Australia

In the Balance is the first full work Restless Dance Theatre’s artistic director Michelle Ryan has written for the company since her appointment last year, and demonstrates just how deeply she has connected with this very special company… In the Balance is a generous work, giving to the audience and the performers alike, and suggests that with the right approach, the balance is always tilted towards the good side of life.
The Advertiser 

Composed By
The Audreys
Directed By
Michelle Ryan
Designed By
Gaelle Mellis
Restless Dance Theatre dancers
Availability Status
Available at short notice


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