NTS | Production - Inside the Walls, A Giant Pop-up Book Ghost Story

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Inside the Walls, A Giant Pop-up Book Ghost Story (VIC, Australia)


8 Jul 2019 - 31 Jan 2022

Short Synopsis

BankSA Best Children's Event, Adelaide Fringe Festival 2019

Experience a dark tale of spooky proportions that literally pops up from the page! Presented by Melbourne based Salt and Poppet Theatre prepare for unexpected surprises, scary shadows and shoes that walk themselves as performer and puppeteer Theresa O’Connor combines pop-up books, puppetry and ghost stories into an exciting adventure.  Add to the mix an exhilarating sound design by J David Franzke and you’ve got an experience not to be missed! 

Inside the Walls is a cinematic puppet theatre show designed for children to overcome their fears and open up their imagination.  The intricate design mixes the age-old art of popup books and storytelling with modern technology and trickery.  Paper engineering, puppets, projection, videography, electronics, contraptions, shadow puppetry, magic and surround sound; what more could be jam-packed into one little show! 

The performance includes a Q&A.  Workshops are also available in shadow puppetry or popup techniques.   


Reviews Feature
★★★★  “A work of whimsy and intrigue that is compelling and absolutely delightful” - Jo Vabolis IN Daily

★★★★ "My eight-year-old loved the show and immediately came home wanting to make her own pop-up book and shadow puppet theatre." - Bianca Wordley Big Words

“The wonderful, magical ‘Inside the Walls, a ghost story escapade for children.” - Carly Whittaker Highway: The Pop Chronicles

“A spectacular and spooky theatre production.” - Paula McManus Weekend Notes

"I think that is the most specialist book in the world.” - Penny 5yrs old
"I didn't think it would be that scary. It was cool" - Matthew 10yrs old
"When are you making the sequel?” – Christopher 11yrs old 


Written By
Theresa O'Connor
Composed By
J. David Franzke
Theresa O'Connor
Availability Status
Generally available


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