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Point of No Return (VIC, Australia)

Tour Coordinators

1 Feb - 15 Aug 2018

Short Synopsis

Point of No Return is a gripping drama based on the true story of the Point Puer boys' prison at Port Arthur.  It is a highly energetic riveting play that centres around a group of youths and a guard struggling to survive the prison.  A new young convict, Jeremiah, is introduced affecting each member of the group.  The themes of juvenile incarceration are still relevant today especially with the recent riots and escapes at Don Dale, Parkville and Malmsbury.   Does punishment work? Can we rehabilitate them? How do we rehabilitate them? Why do some rehabilitate and some re-offend staying in the prison sytem? The play won three top awards in the Playhouse Players National 2014 One Act Playwright award.  It has been further researched and developed and selected to be part of the 2016 subsrcription season at the Wyndham Cultural Centre and performed at the Courthouse Youth Arts in Geelong.  In 2017 it is published at www.australianplays.org.au.  A regional Victorian tour is planeed for 2018.  This play will be submitted for the VCE Playlist for 2018.

Reviews Feature

On the evening of Saturday 23 April, I had the good fortune to attend a performance of Alaine Beek’s Point of No Return at the Wyndham Cultural Centre. I write in support of this engaging new historical drama. Much has been written and documented about Australia’s convict heritage but little of the boys sent for rehabilitation to the Point Puer boys prison near Port Arthur, Tasmania. The play focuses on a group of six boys and their struggle for survival in a hostile and brutal environment. Every character’s journey through the drama is crafted with aplomb by Ms Beek to create a compelling, moving and sometimes humorous story that is a triumph of the human spirit. As well as one adult male role the play offers six roles for young men or teenagers. Point of No Return is a play that has the possibility to tour, be staged by professional or amateur theatre companies or even schools. I have no hesitation in recommending Point Of No Return for production or publication.

Andrew Blackman Director Complete Works Theatre Company


“Alaine Beek’s “Point of No Return” not only shines a light on a little-known aspect of Australia’s dark convict past: remarkably, it also manages to paint a nuanced portrait of male relationships, especially between those teetering on the verge of manhood. The dialogue is heartfelt and funny, the tension palpable, and the onstage action often surprising and fierce. Although the situation is outside most people’s direct experience, the audience can easily identify with the characters and become totally engrossed in the world that is being created before them. This is a truly beguiling piece of writing that also translates effortlessly onto the stage.”

David Tredinnick – actor, writer


 "Really engaging story. It had just the right amount of humour to offset the confronting nature of the setting and script. You could tell the audience loved it because we laughed and we went silent, and we were enthralled." Megan Bonnici, Wyndham Arts Collective 

Written By
Alaine Beek
Directed By
Alaine Beek
Phil Cameron-Smith
Availability Status
Available at short notice


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