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Someone Like Thomas Banks (VIC, Australia)


3 Apr 2017 - 30 Jun 2019

Short Synopsis

SOMEONE LIKE THOMAS BANKS: A surprising and light-hearted. 'one man' show about living regionally with a disability; young, gay and looking for love. This is Thomas’s story of courage and defiance while searching for love and claiming his identity. Ideal for upper secondary and community audiences. 

An engaging night out with writer and disability advocate – Thomas Banks. Involving interactions with strangers, potential lovers and would be friends, about confusion, communication and connection. Entertaining, real life, innovative modern day story-telling, highlighting positivity, resilience generally & in the search for love. 

Audience Participation. There are three points where Thomas selects people from the Audience to come up on stage to: take a selfie, to read a short monologe, to play the two characters in the blind date scene. This is always a lot of fun and each time selfie's are taken. The live shots turn up later in the run of the show projected as part of another scene much to the amusement of the audience.  IF the venue does not have wifi we have a back up plan.

Audience member comment. ” I read that the performance would be about disability and sexuality and that I may find it a little confronting. What it turned out to be was very entertaining, real life, modern day story telling - highlighting positivity and resilience. I highly recommend seeing it. Teacher friends - this is a great performance for upper High School students.” An unsolicited comment from audience member who stayed behind for a selfie with Thomas. March 9 Wonthaggi S.C.

SLTB premiered at fortyfive downstairs late 2015; where it was favourably reviewed as an engaging, insightful and entertaining 55 minutes of unexpected fun.  The Director’s decision to place the Stage Manager onstage and embed the Auslan interpreter as an additional performer; along with a flexible set and lighting design ensures successful presentation in a variety of venues, including small community halls. 

INTERESTED? For more detail see performance section of this site.

Reviews Feature

Review quotes for Someone Like Thomas Banks

“a wonderful unique opportunity … a moving and joyful work that celebrates difference” (Stage Whispers)

“a play that teaches you that we are all one and the same… a powerful and eye opening show” (Planet Art)

“a warm, personal show … a very lively personal theatrical experience” (The Plus Ones)

“personal, amiable and simple” (Herald Sun)

“Banks’ personable nature and outgoing manner shine throughout … well-crafted and appealing” (Theatre Press)

Someone Like Thomas Banks confronts audience preconceptions not only about who has the right to ask for love, but who is allowed to perform and demand attention” (The Age)

Written By
Gayelene Carbis based on the writings of Thomas Banks
Composed By
On screen pre-filmed original sound tracks composed by Byron Palavikas
Directed By
Lucy Freeman
Designed By
Canada White and Scott Allen
Thomas Banks
Availability Status
Generally available


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