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Damian Callinan & Paul Calleja - The Wine Bluffs (VIC, Australia)


10 Oct 2017 - 31 Oct 2019

Short Synopsis

Well cellared comedians Damian Callinan and Paul Calleja have been decanting comedy for countless vintages and have decided it's time to open the good stuff! 

After touring around various wine festivals [Barossa Vintage, Yarra Valley Grape Grazing] and a successful run at Melbourne Fringe they bring their interactive, cellar door masterclass to Adelaide. 

After a recent stint judging at the Rockhampton Show [Fruit Wine Section] and another disappointing harvest at their vineyard [Chateau Corroboree] at the base of Uluru, The Wine Bluffs are back doing what they do best: bullshitting about wine! 

Paul will teach you how to match food to wine: Who would have thought Tempranillo and Rainbow Paddles Pops would have been so compatible? Damian will show you how to oxidise your wine to 'Footloose'... and together they'll help you identify the biggest 'Wine Wanker' in the room.

Reviews Feature

‘Wildly funny winespeak, a romp around the vineyard that seeks to demystify the cellar door experience and only leaves us feeling more confused.’ ★★★★ ½ - Herald Sun (2017)

‘Damian Callinan and Paul Calleja have hit on a winning formula with The Wine Bluffs, a stand-up show that lovingly lampoons wine snobbery.’ ★★★★ – Artshub (2017)

‘Holds a mirror up to the hobby of high-end wine appreciation’ ★★★★ – The Age (2017)

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Damian Callinan & Paul Calleja
Damian Callinan & Paul Calleja
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