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In Flagrante (New Zealand)


5 Mar - 30 Sep 2019

Short Synopsis

MaryJane O'Reilly's celebrated in Flagrante is an ever-evolving, darkly hilarious and deeply satiric fusion of cabaret and contemporary dance with all  the sexual license and provocation of burlesque. A singularly unique  genre that’s fills theatres from Edinburgh to Auckland.

First launched at The Basement in 2011 to instant critical acclaim and squeals of delight - In Flagrante has since performed to over 40,000 people around the world to rave reviews and heated denouncements.


Reviews Feature

 "Sexy, sophisticated, knives-out choreography complemented by killer designs, realised by five supremely talented performers from New Zealand" - William Glenn, Fringe Review, UK

"... sleek and provocative ‘erotica noir'"- Theatreview

"This edgy but exquisite dance show is cabaret with a contemporary and raunchy twist." – EntertainMe

"In Flagrante is a sexy, thought-provoking, sensual experience." - Frodo McDaniel, Broadway Baby, UK

Written By
MaryJane O'Reilly
Composed By
Klaus Waldeck and other artists
Directed By
MaryJane O'Reilly
Designed By
Philip O'Reilly
Availability Status
Generally available


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