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Grand Opening (New Zealand)


1 Jun 2016 - 31 Dec 2019

Short Synopsis

Grand Opening is a site-specific promenade performance presented in your city’s favorite historic theatre! Barbarian Productions originally created the work in Wellington’s Opera House for the inaugural Cuba Dupa Festival. In 2018 it played in Auckland historic Civic Theatre, the show can be remounted in different cities with a new cast of community performers.

Audiences are gathered by roaming ticket-hawkers, and lured with the promise of a grand spectacle on the main stage. However as tension and anticipation rises in the foyer, the increasingly panicked ushers find that they cannot open the doors. Flustered, they take small groups around a back way to try and get into the performance.

The groups travel through backstage passageways and dressing rooms, encountering scenes and performers along the way. The audience will bump into security guards, singers warming up, and community groups rehearsing.

Grand Opening engages the festival-going public as participants in the interactive work.  The performance takes the form of multiple 30-minute tours through the bowels of a historic performance venue, culminating in an on-stage finale with the revelation that the audience members themselves are the show. 

Written By
Jo Randerson
Directed By
Jo Randerson
Designed By
Rose Kirkup, Poppy Serano, Owen McCarthy
Alice Canton, Leon Wadham, Erina Daniels, Thomas LaHood, Anya Tate-Manning, Hayley Sproull, Guy Langford, Harriette Cowan
Availability Status
Generally available


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