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Miss Jean Batten (New Zealand)


1 May 2016 - 31 Dec 2020

Short Synopsis

Utterly fearless, Jean Batten flew at a time when pilots regularly disappeared without a trace. Her 1936 flight from England to New Zealand in a plane made of wood and fabric, navigating with a map, compass and watch is one of the extraordinary feats of the last century. Yet when she successfully landed in Auckland the Mayor greeted her with the words, 

“Jean you are a very naughty girl, and really I think you want a good spanking for giving us such a terribly anxious time here.” 

Miss Jean Batten is a solo show by Flaxworks about New Zealand’s legendary Aviatrix.

Written by Phil Ormsby, performed by Alex Ellis, directed by Amanda Rees and designed by John Parker, Elizabeth Whiting, Thomas Press and Ruby Reihana-Wilson.

Jean Batten – Flying in the face of danger and convention.


Reviews Feature

“a great piece of theatre about one of New Zealand's most-famous female icons.”

Ewen Coleman, Dominion Post

Written By
Phil Ormsby
Composed By
Thomas Press
Directed By
Amanda Rees
Designed By
John Parker, Elizabeth Whiting and Ruby Reihana-Wilson
Alex Ellis
Availability Status
Available at short notice

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