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A Journey in Song of a Ten Pound Pom (VIC, Australia)


4 Jul 2019 - 4 Jul 2022

Short Synopsis

Maestro, Clayton Sinclair and his incredible vocal versatility, will take you on an enthralling and highly entertaining adventure from the East End of London to the land down under just in time to miss Barry McKenzie going the other way for his culture shock.

Though there be mozzies and flies and no good pork pies, there's happiness under those great southern skies.
We then head to New York for a bit of a peep at what can go wrong in the city that don't sleep.

Expect to be interrupted along the way by :-
Max Bygraves, Des O'Connor, Peter Allen, Cab Calloway, Jim Nabors,
Mario Lanza, Tiny Tim, Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis, to name just a few.

Following the sellout season of his hit musical "The Singing French Detective"
Clayton Sinclair weaves his spell yet again with another stunning performance packed with wonderful storytelling, incredible singing and lots of laughs. See YouTube Clip

Written By
Clayton Sinclair
Directed By
Clayton Sinclair
Designed By
Geoffrey Williams
Clayton Sinclair
Availability Status
Available at short notice

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