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Trash Alchemy

Tour Coordinators

    3 Oct 2015 - 23 Dec 2016

    Short Synopsis

    Trash Alchemy is a surreal adventure tale for family audiences, which sees our protagonist journey from a bizarre parallel universe of advertising bombardment and product overload, through polluted yet magical oceans to the creation of his own trash civilization on an island of flotsam and jetsam - it is a story of discovery and ingenuity and ultimately a tale of one person's magnificent journey to change the way we live in this world.  The set, props and puppetry are made entirely from found and recycled/re-purposed materials, allowing us to discover the value of what we normally discard. 

    Reviews Feature

    Trash Alchemy is an extraordinary story of transformation and discovery – a fantastical adventure from supermarket aisle to the belly of a sea creature, through the ugliest place on the planet to a civilization of exquisite invention. This is the bizarre, hilarious and confrontational tale of an epic journey that we all should take.

    Written By
    Liesel Badorrek
    Composed By
    Ross Johnson
    Directed By
    Liesel Badorrek
    Designed By
    Bryony Anderson
    Johnny Nasser
    Availability Status
    Available at short notice


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