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Grace (NSW, Australia)


1 Mar - 31 Dec 2017

Short Synopsis

An evangelical Christian couple, Sara and Steve, leave a dreary life in Minnesota for sunny Florida and the hope of fast money from turn­ing abandoned hotels into a chain of gospel-themed inns with the catchy slogan "Where Would Jesus Stay?". Their new neighbor, Sam, is struggling to emerge from the trauma of a car accident that killed his fiancée and left him badly maimed. And the building’s pest exterminator, Karl, is still tormented by at least one particularly dark experience during the war. As their stories converge, Wright’s characters find themselves face-to-face with the most eternally vexing questions—the nature of faith, the meaning of suffering, and the possibil­ity of redemption. Acidly funny and relentlessly search­ing, Grace is a trenchant work from an immensely gifted playwright.

Staged on Broadway in 2012 and starring Paul Rudd, Michael Shannon, Kate Arrington and Ed Asner, Grace was nominated for the Outstanding New Broadway Play Award by the Outer Critics Circle in 2013.

Written By
Craig Wright (Six Feet Under, Lost)
Availability Status
Still in pre-production
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