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The Magnolia Tree (VIC, Australia)


8 Aug 2015 - 26 Nov 2022

Short Synopsis

In the front yard of their family home stands a dying magnolia tree. It was Mum's favourite. In a simpler time these three children used to hunt the branches for the cicadas, as their mother sang in the kitchen. But they could never find them. Now Mum has alzheimer's and they can no longer find her. So tonight these children ( now adults) have come together to choose her a nursing home. But Jack has another idea he wants to let Mum go. A tight compelling and gripping thriller with two endings and you the  audience vote for the one they think is the right one.



Reviews Feature



“In a lifetime of going to see theatre I have never been as emotionally involved in a play as I have in this one” 
                                                                           -John Flaus


Written By
Michael Griffith
Directed By
Tyran Parke TBC
Availability Status
Available at short notice


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