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Creature - A Retelling of Dot and The Kangaroo (NSW, Australia)


1 Jul 2016 - 31 Dec 2018

Short Synopsis

Creature is currently in development and will be a devised, scripted, physical theatre work for young children ready for touring in late 2016.

It will take as its starting point some of Stalkers Theatre’s recent experimentations into interactive technology and work with a team of directors, writer, actors, digital artists and physical theatre artists to realise a contemporary retelling of the Australian classic Dot and the Kangaroo by Ethel Pedley. The work will explore issues around Australian biodiversity and environmental depletion.

 As the Australian bush rapidly recedes we lament the disappearance of Australia’s unique native life forms.  Humans push most indigenous animals to increasingly marginal lands.  If we are still, if human activity pauses, perhaps the creatures will re-emerge and re-inhabit our world.

 But can we change our human ways to bring back that life we so cherish? Back to tell us their secrets and share with us their nature?

 In Creature we explore the journey of the little girl “Dot” who has lost her way and is helped by the mother kangaroo to find her way home. On her way home she meets range of Australian wildlife and is taught both the beauty and fragility of the Australian bush.

The story of Creature is told with interactive 3D projection images of Australian animals and creates an exciting play space for both young audience and performers alike.  Creature invites you to enter the magical world of the Australian bush, and to explore how our actions affect the animals.

The production is being commissioned by QPAC's Out of the Box Festival for a premier production in June 2016

Additionally there will be an installation avaiable for workshops and as a free playspace- this can be programmed without the production. But they compliment each other when purchased together,

Written By
John Romeril
Composed By
Peter Kennard
Directed By
David Clarkson and Cristabel Sved
Designed By
AnneMaree Dalzeil
Availability Status
Still in pre-production


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