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Swing - The Beat That Shook The World (SA, Australia)


11 Apr 2016 - 31 Dec 2018

Short Synopsis

Brendan Fitzgerald Jazz Ensemble trumpets a Jumpin' Jive journey through the era of Swing. Exceptional singers Charmaine Jones and Ben Gatehouse frontline the slip and slide dance rhythms and slinky melodies of the 30's and 40's in this suave, sophisticated cabaret.

In 1929, the roaring twenties crashed with the Great Depression. A flamboyant world of excess gave way to a decade of austerity and rumblings of war. The crisis bred a new culture of escapism. Deco dance halls became popular havens for big band exuberance and the euphoria of swing.

This riveting story is channeled by New York's ‘Metronome’ magazine music critic, George Simon who, with visual flashbacks and personal anecdote, gives voice to the rivalries and personalities of SWING. 

It Don't Mean A Thing If It Ain't Got That Swing!

Reviews Feature

★★★★★”An inspired combination of music, song, theatre, dance and screen stills transporting the audience back to a unique period of the 20th century. Jones’s slow rendition of All of Me was worth the ticket price alone. The Adelaide Advertiser, February 2016

 ★★★★½ “This great show deserves to be seen by a wider audience than just swing fans and will reward anyone who appreciates quality music presented by excellent musicians.” InDaily, Adelaide, February 2016

Written By
Steven Gration and Brendan Fitzgerald
Composed By
Various composers of swing music from 1930s to 1940s
Directed By
Brendan Fitzgerald
Deana Scalzi
Brendan Fitzgerald Jazz Ensemble featuring Charmaine Jones
Availability Status
Generally available


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