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Kaarla Kaatijin (WA, Australia)


1 Jun 2018 - 31 Dec 2019

Short Synopsis

Kaarla Kaatijin (In the Noongar language which means ‘to understand fire’) is the first story in a trilogy of productions centred around Noongar language and culture. The story follows the plight of the birds and animals of the land suffering an endless, icey winter. Together they undertake a dangerous and brave mission to catch ‘Karla’ (fire) and bring it back to warm the land once more. Rich in storytelling and beautifully written characters, Kaarla Kaatijin builds on Yirra Yaakin’s excellent reputation for high quality Indigenous theatre for young people. This enchanting Western Australian story celebrates local culture and heritage in a refreshingly youthful and vibrant way.

Reviews Feature

The Grimm brothers, Aesop and Hans Christian Andersen have been given a run for their fairytale money with the indigenous story of how the birds and animals bring fire to warm up Noongar country…. Aimed at kids aged over four, it tells of the Nyitting time, when the world was dark and frozen and the animals huddled together or flew frantically around in circles to get warm….The mood is light and cheeky. …Kaarla Kaatijin is the first Aboriginal play to be presented at the Awesome children’s arts festival and is an important work that informs and entertains youngsters and their parents about the rich folkloric vein originating in our own backyard.. (Stephen Bevis – The West Australian)

Written By
Zac James
Composed By
Joe Lui
Directed By
Amy Smith
Designed By
Matthew McVeigh
Jessie Ward, Levi Widnall and Sean Dow
Availability Status
Available at short notice


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