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Rodney's Party (QLD, Australia)


1 Jan 2013 - 31 Dec 2017

Short Synopsis

Welcome to Rodney's Birthday Party, hosted by his comically confused Dad 'Pantalone', of the ancient Commedia dell'arte tradition. Thus begins 12 interactive, poetic and comic scenes that demonstrate the incredible power of mask to transform the actor and engage an audience, inviting laughter and wonder in equal measure. 

The show builds to a great celebration of life, thats just a little bit disco, and it all ends with a very lound bang. Guaranteed to have audiences a) rolling in the aisles with alughter and b) clamouring to try masks for themselves. 

Reviews Feature

“Rodney's Party was amazing!!! Our 8, 9 and 10’s loved every minute of it. Hilarious and so well put together. Thanks Ben and Clint”

Redcliff High School, QLD

“Deadly! Awesome! Funny!”

Waida Waida State School, QLD

“A fantastic educational and entertaining experience by actors that clearly ‘know their stuff’!!”

Westside Christian College, QLD

“The performance was hilarious and captivating from start to finish. I have never seen the students as animated. The usually shy teens who think everything is ‘shame’ were psyched about putting on a performance of their own (despite refusing to engage in drama activities in the past) A truly spectacular performance. 

Eidsvold State School, QLD



Written By
Clint Bolster & Ben Cornfoot
Directed By
Clint Bolster & Ben Cornfoot
Designed By
Josh MacIntosh
Clint Bolster & Ben Cornfoot
Availability Status
Available at short notice
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