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Djuki Mala (VIC, Australia)


1 Jan 2016 - 1 Jan 2018

Short Synopsis

Join a joyous celebration 40,0000 years in the making.

 Direct from Elcho Island, Djuki Mala (Djuki meaning 'Chooky' with a Yolngu accent and Mala meaning 'mob') perform a high-energy and stunning fusion of traditional Indigenous culture, contemporary dance and storytelling. SInce tehir 2007 clip of 'Zorba the Greek' went viral, they're thrilled audiences with reinterpretations of popular culture and traditional dances in a way that juxtaposes contemporary Yolngu culture.

The show tells the genesis of Djuki Mala, formerly known as The Chooky Dancers, interspersed with multimedia, gives audiences the opportunity to experience some of the more intimate moments and turning points that have shaped them, in a show that is a marvel of timing comedy and clowning, with a hefty dose of heart and soul.

Reviews Feature

“A vibrant celebration of ingenuity and energy” The Age

“Energetic, hilarious, groundbreaking” Beat Magazine

Directed By
Joshua Bond
Djuki Mala Dancers
Availability Status
Generally available


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