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    15 Jul 2011 - 28 Feb 2018

    Short Synopsis

    Annie Frances is an internationally acclaimed, multi-award winning artist and the past winning recipent of the Sydney Cabaret Convention, first prize to New York to present her Cabaret show performances.

    Since returning home, Annie Frances has written her new fabulous show, which demonstrates her show stopping voice and stunning delivery as she receives one standing ovation after another across the globe.

    Annie takes you on a delightful musical journey celebrating Australia’s first ladies of song with her brand new show “I AM WOMAN”. 

    Annie performs the memorable music of and looks back on our first leading ladies of pop, starting with Australia’s “Little Miss Sweetheart”, Noeleen Batley, the first female pop singer to achieve a national hit song.  Then relive a decade and a half of music made by the ladies who followed in her footsteps appearing on Bandstand and beyond - Little Pattie, Laurel Lea, Judy Stone, Judith Durham, Cheryl Gray, Lynne Randell and Olivia Newton-John.  All these esteemed Aussie women of the hit parades a prelude to the journey’s finale celebrating Australia’s first Grammy award winning artist with her self-penned pop anthem “I Am Woman”, often referred to as the “Queen of 70s pop”, Helen Reddy. 

    With a naturally vivacious and endearing stage persona, dynamic vocal talents delivered with her heart-felt performance style and devotion to these wonderful ladies of Australian pop music, Annie Frances delivers a genuine and brilliant performance which takes you back to this wonderful era of Australia’s musical history, pioneered by these truly inspiring women.

    Written By
    Annie Frances
    Designed By
    Annie Frances
    Starring Annie Frances
    Availability Status
    Available at short notice


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