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Everything Must Go (VIC, Australia)


9 Mar 2017 - 1 Jun 2019

Short Synopsis

Nancy Browne is having a garage sale.  There will be treasure like you can’t imagine.  Like you really can’t imagine.  Hilarious, ridiculous and very touching, this is a fabulously unique Australian character.   Eccentric and reclusive, Nancy has lived in the same house, the same valley all her life, but now the valley is changing — farms are being sold and city people with new ideas are moving in.  The wider world has encroached and Nancy has to make sense of it.  She also has to move house.  

Nancy delights the audience with show and tell, drawing out family stories from the items she is selling in her sale, as well as highlighting her own original take on the world. Directed by three-time Barry Award nominee Damian Callinan and performed by character comedian and writer Rachel Leary 'Everything Must Go' is a comedic and poignant portrayal of a misfit finding her way. In 2013 the show enjoyed a very sucessful tour of thirty regional Victorian venues.

Reviews Feature

“'Everything Must Go' is a beautiful comedy creation.  Nancy Browne is at once heart breaking and hilarious. She's very, very funny, but there is also a poignancy that makes the show deeply satisfying and human.”  Frank Woodley  

"Rachel Leary is a brilliant performer... (She) is able to completely draw you into Nancy’s world. Everything from her costume to the stage set-up to her use of props, helps give you a feel for the way Nancy lives." Tianna Nadalin, Herald Sun

Written By
Rachel Leary
Directed By
Damian Callinan
Rachel Leary
Availability Status
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